In-flight magazines offer a unique advertising opportunity and are a proven way to increase sales.


  • 90% of passengers reading an Airline Magazine

  • 25 minutes average time spend reading per passenger


Stellar Media offers you access to advertising opportunities in Inflight magazines worldwide.

Inflight advertising creates a rare and ideal opportunity for brands to communicate & engage with targeted customers. 

It is one of the best ways to advertise as passengers have restricted movement onboard and brands get to connect One-To-One with high net-worth Airline flyers.



We offer advertisers and brands to partner with select inflight entertainment airline partners to display standard 30 and 60 second advertisements or custom content to millions of travellers who are already watching prime television and movie selections during their domestic and international flights.  



With over 90% of passengers bringing their own devices on board, we have been able to create unique and receptive impressions up in the air. Through digital media opportunities, exclusive branding and content sponsorships, our connectivity and advertising partners recognise a truly captivated audience. 


​Your brand can sponsor WiFi during flights, meaning that you can offer free WiFi to passengers in exchange for some customer information, or in exchange for their time spent watching a short video.


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